Team West 88

Meet the Talent Management Team

Michele T. Weaver
Ms. Weaver has over 20 years experience in film, television and music video pre-production, production and post-production in a wide variety of capacities, including casting, budgeting, concept development and marketing. After making her mark as a casting director, culminating in her recognition as "Casting Director of the Year" by VH1 (1995), she expanded her interests to live theatre.

As co-founder of “Instincts,” an internationally acclaimed live dance media company, she was executive producer/producer of several theatrical and film productions, including Labyrinth of Souls, Couch Potato Syndrome and Possibilities which was reviewed as "Best Bet" by the Los Angeles Times.

Ms. Weaver also worked in various roles on the films: Grid Locked, Writer's Block, The Mod Squad, HBO's Ali and Guantamera, a short-film about Cuba in the 1940's, not to mention an extensive list of over 200 music videos and commercials to her credit during which she has had the opportunity to work with such talent as Madonna, Janet Jackson, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Tina Turner in addition to directors, Jean-Bapiste Mondino, Peter Care and Mark Romanek.

Partial List of Credits

Music Video (Casting)

Artist                            Video                                       Director
Madonna                      "Hollywood"                             Mondino
Madonna                      "Human Nature"                        Mondino
Tina Turner                   "I Don't Wanna Fight"               Peter Care
Keith Richards              "Wicked As It Seems"               Mark Romanek
David Bowie                 "Jump They Say"                       Mark Romanek
Janet Jackson                "That's the Way Love Goes"      Rene Elizondo, Jr.
En Vogue                      "Free Your Mind"                      Mark Romanek
Lenny Kravitz                "Are You Gonna Go My Way"  Mark Romanek

Commercial Credit List

Nike                                                       Melodie McDaniels                                            Radicle Media
Motorola                                                Radicle Media
Levis                                                      Andrew Dosonmo
Head & Shoulders                                  Kathy Chamberlain
Miller Beer "Salsa"                                  Melodie McDaniels
Miller Beer "Soul"                                   Melodie McDaniels
Miller Beer "Beer Run"                            Melodie McDaniels
L.A. Time                                               Radicle Media
Mastercard "Best Friend"                        Ralpf
Mastercard "Daddy's Girl"                      Melodie McDaniels
The Gap "Swing"                                    Matthew Roloston
The Gap "Rock"                                     Pate Brothers
NBA James II                                        Peter Care
Spirits and Slaves                                   Brian Allen
Levis                                                      Tarsem
Sony                                                      Matthew Badter
Diet Coke                                              Jim Sonzero
Merek                                                   Melodie McDaniels
Levis                                                      Steve Ramser
AAA                                                      Neil Abramson
Air France                                              Gore
Mountain Dew "Been There"                   Gore
Ocean Spray "Timmy's"                           David Kellogg
Phillips DCC "Rave"                                David Kellogg
Renault                                                   Peter Care
United Way                                            Herve
Vans                                                      Neil Abramson
Virgin Mega Store                                  Jeffrey Plansker
Yves Saint Laurent                                 Len Peltier
Drakkar Noir                                         Mondino
Nike "What If"                                       Mondino
Narine Essence                                      Melodie McDaniels
FILA "New Species"                             Jonathan Taylor
Universal Fragrance                               Gore
NBA Jams                                             Paula Walker
Woodstock "M.T.V."                             Peter Care
Chrysler                                                 Spike Jonze
Brut Actif "No Rules"                             Millicent Shelton
Lee Copper Jeans                                  Tony Kaye
Ameritech "Gift Plan"                              Oliver Sentec
Ameritech "Gifted"                                  Keir McFairlane
Ulta Image "Sensuality"                           Keir McFairlane
Diet Coke "U.K."                                   Melodie McDaniels
Sprite "Grant Hill"                                   Fatima
Shawmut Bank                                       Pam Thomas
Cornetto Ice-Cream                               Matthew Rolston
Anti-Smoking PSA "Toilet Bowl"            Big T.V.
Anti-Drug PSA "Drug Free America"      Dick Buckley
Guess Jeans                                            Matthew Ralston
Breast Cancer PSA                                 Melodie McDaniels
The Children's Place                               Satellite Films
Coke                                                      Melodie McDaniels

Wayne A. Willbur
After graduating with a post-graduate degree in Business Studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Mr. Willbur worked a couple of yearsin the entertainment industry in various capacities; he worked in the legal department of De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG) reviewing contracts for above-the-line talent for compliance with DGA, WGA and SAG rules and regulations.  From this position, he began working as Assistant to the Produceron a number of film projects in pre-production where his responsibilities included development, property acquisition, budgeting and casting. 

While Mr.Willbur has pursued other business opportunities since, he has continued developing and writing his own materials which now include four screenplays and one television pilot.  In 2004, he financed, produced and directed two one-act Hawaiian stage plays (Reunion and ParadiseTours) at the California Institute of Technology.

Afterward, he financed, produced and directed a live, interactive dinner theatre production at the Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, where he met and began collaborating with Michele Weaver to develop and produce his own work.   

David A. Weaver
Mr. Weaver is a Los Angeles Designer and Builder with over 25 years experience. He attended Loyola High School, U.C. Berkeley, U.C. Los Angeles—where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree, and Pepperdine School of Law. He has worked on numerous and diverse projects around the world in the film, event planning and building industries. Experience includes: Chief Architect for NISS (the predecessor to the X Games), PA River Run Films, Architect H20 Development, PA Michele Weaver Casting. In addition, he has run his own design/build firm ‘DAW Design and Construction’ successfully for over 20 years.